Fear and greed in the stock market

'Fear and greed' play an important role in the stock market.  So keeping an eye on the fear and greed cycle is a smart thing to do.

Hi , my name is Frans.  I'm in my mid-forties.  Next to my daily work ,  I run StockMarketMoodToday.com.  This is my personal website with a 100 % focus on stock market mood and stock market sentiment. 
At Stock Market Mood Today you can follow up on 9 sentiment indicators including a fear and greed index I created myself :
the © Graham Mood Index.  

It all started when I red about Benjamin Graham ( 1894 - 1976) who had a knack for condensing big ideas into a few simple sentences. 
'Market Mood' is one of his big ideas : Graham uses the allegory of ‘Mister Market’ to explain the stock market mood. 

I was wondering how to gauge Mr Market's mood on a day to day basis.   
As an agricultural engineer I constructed a market mood model.   
The outcome of the model is a number that changes between 1 and 99 :  © The Graham Mood Index

Hopefully, sentiment analysis can benefit you, sooner or later, in making your own trading and investing better.

Follow up on market mood and sentiment indicators at least 3 months and you 'll start to see the impact of sentiment and mood in the stock markets.

StockMarketMoodToday.com is a free website dedicated to help investors and traders analyze the stock market from a sentiment perspective.

I hope sentiment analysis will serve you well in all your investing decisions.


PS : I’m not a native English speaker.