My name is Frans.  I'm in my mid-forties.  Next to my daily work ,  I run
The focus is on stock market mood and short term stock trading. 

It all started for me when I red about Benjamin Graham who had a knack for condensing big ideas into a few simple sentences.
Benjamin Graham uses the allegory of ‘Mr Market’ to explain the stock market mood.
I was wondering how to 'measure' Mr Market's mood on a day to day basis.   

As an agricultural engineer I started to build a model.  The result is the © Market Mood Model. 
The outcome of the model - 'good mood' versus 'not so good mood' - is nothing more than a hint (= a small piece of information that even could be wrong).   
But, although it is only a hint , I use the outcome of the © Market Mood Model in my short term decision making process.

The principle behind Mr. Market is simple, but applying this to a trading (investing) strategy is where the rubber meets the road as they say.  I believe short term trading can be profitable with the help of the Market Mood Model.  And I want to show you that.
Go to  My Trades - Blog  to see my short term trades.

I'm really passionate about the stock market.  But I always keep in mind that stock trading and stock investing is a serious business with tremendous opportunities but significant risks too.