My Short Term Trades

New in 2023 !  From time to time I will share some short-term trades with you.
There will be updates by the end of every weekend. 

January 2023

***   Update from Saturday 7 January
Mister Market is still in a good mood.  Mister Market is in a good mood since 28 December 2022.

The outcome of the © Market Mood Model - 'good mood' versus 'not so good mood' - is nothing more than a hint.

But, although it is only a hint , I use the outcome in my decision making process and risk management.
Follow up on his mood swings here.

No new position in the past week.
Some trades that are performing very good : AAN, LND, SUPV and EDN.

Good luck next week.  Read the update next weekend. 

***   Update from Saturday 14 January
In the past week I sold my EDN shares at 10.31 USD.  I had bought the shares end December 2022.  Very profitable trade.  Above average.  Ok , that is great but this is not always the case.

Mister Market is still in a good mood.  Follow up on his mood swings here.

***   Update from Sunday 22 January
Had a small loss in TEVA trade.
Has a small loss in VIPS trade.
Sold SUPV shares.  Was a winning trade.
Sold AAN shares.  Was also a winning trade.

At the end of the week , Mr Market seems to be in a good mood according to the model.
Let 's see what happens next week. 
There will be an update available the coming weekend. 
Good luck wtih your (short term) trading.

***   Update from Saturday 28 January
I made a short term trade in DINO.  This trade was a losing trade, but the loss was small. The loss was only 18 cent per share.

The next trade I made was in AMCX.  Not sold yet.

The last trade was a trade in TEVA.  A second attempt in TEVA this month.  Will it be a winner ?  We 'll see.

LND shares are still in my portofio.

Mr Market ended the week in a good mood.

The trades I made will be on this blog next weekend.
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February 2023